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The Story of She Wolf Inc.

By Erin Malcolm, Founder & CEO

It all began with a chance opportunity from a woman named Kate Neligan in May 2017.  She trusted her intuition just enough to give me a chance that changed the course of my life, the people I work with, and the community that surrounds us.

At the time, I was really struggling with my mental health, and this gave me something to focus on as I healed through the experiences of my past. By the end of that summer, after organizing a pile of receipts into Quickbooks, she asked me if I could start organizing the back end of her company. After I successfully did so, she began to refer me to other people in her network. Before I knew it, I had a thriving business, a vast amount of skills and was providing much-needed services to a wide range of clientele.

The business was then called “Methodically Yours”, as I tailor-fit the services provided to the needs of my clients. Even though I had already realized much success, I recognized that the future growth of my business was limited by my lack of formal education.  This led me to enrol at Durham College, and three years later I graduated with honours from the Small Business and Entrepreneurship program, my business was fully branded, and ready to scale.

Next, I hired Alex and Hailey, who had completed degrees in Marketing and Human Resources respectively. They had both left unfulfilling jobs in their chosen fields as a result of toxic work environments. As a first-time employer, I felt a responsibility to establish a work culture that nurtured both the personal and professional lives of my team. It inspired me to teach them a program I had created using the healing & mindset work that I learned and applied to my life. As the result, not only did their personal lives & relationships with themselves and others change but the quality of their work increased, along with the revenue generated for the company. This proved that focusing on the health and wellness of my team first, inevitably had a positive impact on the growth of the business, the level of quality our clients experienced, and the community that surrounded us all.

Methodically Yours was no longer an accurate representation of our brand. She Wolf Inc. was born from my desire to provide the highest quality service to our clients so they can experience the ease they seek, and to empower my team to experience true success by prioritizing their health and wellness above the wealth of the company. Loyalty, tenacity, and courage are all characteristics of the legendary she-wolf herself; these are the qualities that helped me to overcome the many obstacles in my life and will help me to build future initiatives. I want to give people the opportunity to re-enter the workforce doing something they love, and raise the standard for work environments that employers provide to impact the overall mental health of our surrounding communities.


Your Right-Hand Women

We are a curated team of powerhouse women lead by a unified goal; to bring your authentic vision to life with expertise and ease.


Our Clients

We work with passionate brands that share our values in wellness, authenticity, and empowerment.


What We Believe In

We are here to bring your overall vision to life, and help you run your business with ease.

to live with ease and
enjoy what you've built?


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