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Miss Independent
5 sessions for $500 or $149/sesssion

This package is for the badass entrepreneur who is used to running her business independently but would like to work alongside someone to strategize, brainstorm with & practice some accountability (without the pressure, of course!).

If you have big beautiful dreams, are looking for someone to hear them out, hold some space for you through the ups and downs & perhaps get a little guidance on the first & next steps to make them a reality, I'm your girl!

Package pricing includes five sessions to be scheduled at your discretion for up to 1.5 hours each.

P.S. This is also a great package to start practicing how to delegate, as we offer complete V.A. Services. As you sort out what you want to focus on, we can take care of the rest.

The Wing Woman
$500/Retainer for services + $50/hour


This package is for you if you would like to delegate admin support outside of the walls of your business to someone who will care for it as if it were her own.

We will be your greatest ally and your most powerful support system. We take pride in doing what you do not want to and watching your world open up! 

We take on the tedious yet necessary; stuff that distracts you from focusing on the most crucial part of your business - the services you provide to your clients. Let us help you find that extra breathing room to experience your desired growth.

Services include (but are not limited to):

  • Bookkeeping

  • Day to Day Banking

  • Payroll/HR Management

  • Client Management (CRM, Billing)

  • Payment Processing

  • Editing Services

  • Website Edits & Updates (if you are looking for a revamp or rebrand, visit the Queen B Package)

  • Research

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The Wayshower_edited.jpg

The Wayshower
$1000/month includes up to 15 posts + 1 newsletter

One of the most common things I hear from business owners when it comes to having someone manage their social media & newsletter marketing is that they are afraid it won't be authentic to them.

This is why I have developed this package!

First, we begin with a 1-hour consult, where we will brainstorm together to come up with five different themes for us to base our social content creation and three highlights to include in monthly newsletters/blog posts.

Then, once a week, we will send you the proposed copy & graphics for your approval. (You will be sent three at a time)

Then we schedule it all for you so it can be set up and forgotten (other than sharing your stories, of course!)

The final piece is for you to send us any promotions, events or product/service highlights you want us to include in your monthly newsletter. We will send you a final draft before sending it to your subscribers and VOILA! All done.

Queen B
$500 retainer for services + $50/hour

If you are looking to freshen up the brand and vibe for your current business or create a brand new one from scratch - this service is for you!

Creating the brand (or rebrand) that represents you and the services/products you provide to your clients is a sacred, inspired experience that we take very seriously. After all, it is the foundation of creating consistency for you and your company's image.

You will work directly with our Graphic Designer Alex so she can build the vision you hold for you and your business. Upon completion, you will have a branding kit complete with three high-resolution logo variations, brand typography & colours!

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Branding/Rebranding

  • Website Creation/Branding Update

  • Graphics Creation/Editing

  • Branded Workbook Creation

An excellent follow-up service is the Wayshower package - we will already have your branding on file, so it will be easy peasy to get your digital marketing strategy together!

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