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Harmony Within & She Wolf Inc presents: Embodiment Women's Healing Circle & Workshop

September 24th, 12-7

Barn under a full moon

Harness the transformative energy of nature, intention & community.

Join us for a powerful transformative embodiment healing circle & workshop, where we will explore various practices to learn to love and accept ourselves, embrace the essence of who we really are, and cultivate a deep sense of the version of ourselves we are growing to be.

Limited to 20 women to ensure an intimate setting.

Why Embodiment?

Embodiment is the practice of connecting the mind, body, and spirit to create a sense of wholeness and groundedness in one's physical being. It is a crucial aspect of personal growth and self-awareness, as it helps us understand our true essence and empowers us to live in the present moment.

Through embodiment practices such as yoga, meditation, dance, and breathwork, we can learn to love and accept ourselves, embrace our emotions and experiences, and cultivate a deep sense of inner peace and healing. When we are in tune with our bodies and consciousness, every moment becomes an opportunity for growth, transformation, and enlightenment.

During this healing circle and workshop, you will get clarity on what and how you want to move forward in your life, develop a stronger mind-body connection, and unlock your true potential for your future self.

Hosted By

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Date & Time

Sunday, September 24th, 2023
12:00 PM – 7:00 PM


Harmony Within, Barn & Cathedral
Nestleton, Ontario


$125 per person


Guest Arrival
12:00 PM

Guests can arrive any time before the opening ceremony to get settled, meet the community, take a walk through the 30-acre forest, or enjoy some refreshments. Shuttle service is available for those with mobility issues.

Opening Ceremony
1:00 PM

The opening ceremony will be a beautiful and grounding experience to help us clear away anything that will not serve us and set the intention to focus our energy and align ourselves with our highest desire for the experience. This ceremony sets the tone for the entire experience, reminding us to be present, open, and receptive. It serves as a reminder to honour ourselves and each other, creating a space of trust, connection, and mutual support.

Session One
2:00 PM

In our first session, we will dive into the transformative power of guided meditation, journaling and energy work, creating a strong foundation for self-reflection and personal growth. This powerful exercise is designed to help you gain clarity, organize your thoughts, and develop a deeper understanding of where you currently stand and where you aspire to be. The session will conclude with a Reiki healing circle, promoting relaxation, balance, and chakra clearing.

Break One
3:30 PM

Enjoy some rest time between sessions. Grab something to eat, go to the washroom, mingle, and check out the local goods for sale in the barn.

Session Two
4:00 PM

In our second session, we'll cultivate a closer relationship with our bodies, gain clarity on our path forward, and embody the version of ourselves we are growing into. We'll use movement exercises and breathwork to tune into our bodies and align our intentions with tangible steps. This combination provides a holistic approach to aligning body, mind, and spirit, creating a strong foundation for growth and transformation.

Break Two
5:30 PM

Dinner Time! We will spend a full hour nourishing ourselves, mingling, and preparing for the closing ceremony.

Closing Ceremony
6:30 PM

The closing ceremony will be a beautiful and communal gathering where we come together to express our gratitude, share our learnings, receive offerings, and close the circle with love and light. During this ceremony, we will create a safe and nurturing space for each participant to share their experiences, insights, and transformations throughout the journey. It is a time to acknowledge and appreciate the growth and progress made both individually and as a community.

What You'll Need

To fully enjoy and participate in the workshop, we suggest bringing the following items with you: 

Cushion to sit on




Yoga mat

Scarf or yoga strap


These items will help you create a comfortable and intentional space for your journey of healing and connection.


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