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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Here is a simple set of instructions (feel free to bookmark and save this for future reference)

  1. Your goal should be to choose 4 main colours for your brand. Don’t worry, you can always use shades and tints of the ones you choose)

  2. Start with choosing one colour. Something that you feel resonates with you and your business services or products, and who you are aiming to attract. (Men, women, parents, unisex, age group)

  3. Next, choose a contrasting colour (Something that is on the opposite of the colour spectrum from your first. (Canva has a great tool here -

  4. The third colour you choose should complement (look good with) both of your first two main colours.

  5. For your final colour choice, look at the 3 you already have. Are they all dark? Time to go light. Are they more muted? - go bold/dark. Your final colour should balance them all out.

That’s it!

Of course, if you’d like some assistance in choosing your brand colours, we are here to help.

Click the below to book a free connection call today!

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