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Updated: Nov 23, 2022

A few days before I left for my first week long vacation in years, there was a lull.

I was scrambling through my PM software, looking for things for my team to do while I was away.

I felt panicked, full of fear, my mind was racing, and I wondered if I would simply need to shut down the company for the week.

I could see at that moment something was off. In the six + years of running this business, there has never been a lack of work LOL.

I started to have conversations with Hailey and Alex and found out that there were a few things happening with them.

  1. They were both concerned about delegating out work, and afraid that there wouldn’t be any left for them to do. (Flashback to when I hired them both)

  2. Gratitudes and goals had gone to the back burner - so they were also both living in lack.

A simple conversation reminding them that they were now both channels of distribution, and creating space for them, meant space for the Universe to provide them with more of what they wanted was all that was needed.

Then I had a look at myself and how I was operating, after all, the work comes first through me!

Gratitude and goals (check)

Excited for Vacation? (check)

Feel prepared? (check)

Worried about leaving the proverbial keys to the She Wolf kingdom to someone other than myself? (CHECK)

Ah HA! There’s that pesky false belief!

I reached into my memory for the experience that taught me this.

Years ago, I had a cleaning company. I trained a woman for a week before I left and entrusted her to care for my clients, and she blew it. I mean, used hand soap on hardwood floors kind of screwed up. I lost half of my client list that week and was stuck scrubbing one of their floors because I felt so responsible (as I was).

Checking the facts for a moment:

I could see that I was no longer there in the past and that I am way more in tune with my intuition than I was then.

I had worked with Hailey for over a year (very closely, and I do trust her with my life), and she was the one getting the keys. LOL

This belief was not serving me or my team.

Cue a deep breath, and release.

Within 24 hours, the resistance was gone, and the flood gates opened. We all of a sudden had a perfect amount of project work for the team who was on while I was away, and even a few new projects to dig into upon my return!

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