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Erin Malcolm - She Wolf Inc

My name is Erin Malcolm, and I am the founder of She Wolf Inc.  The story of how this business was born, starts with a chance opportunity from an incredible woman named Kate Murray.  She trusted her intuition just enough to give me an opportunity that changed the course of the history of my life. 

What started out as a small job to take a pile of receipts and organize them into bookkeeping software over the span of a summer, has grown into a full-service business management company as the result of her never-ending support and guidance. 


She taught me to trust myself, encouraged me to follow my bliss, and believed in me enough to not only share her vision, desires, and business, but the most precious part of her life – her family.  It is through my experience with her that I learned about the importance of entrepreneurs having people in their lives who truly care about them and their greater good.  While profit is great, and obviously the goal in running a business, I know that there is a much bigger picture at play behind the scenes. 


My overarching mission is to help my clients find, cultivate & experience their own vision and purpose, by helping them create the space they need to focus more of what they love, by allowing them to leave the rest to me, knowing it is in good hands.  



all my love,

Erin Malcolm


Megan - She Wolf Inc

Megan Murphy

Quickbooks Guru

I'm a Megan is an integral part of the M/Y team!  She pays great attention to every detail, has a passion for finding clarity in chaos, and has a willingness to dive into any challenge.

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Alex - She Wolf Inc

Graphic Designer

She personally branded Methodically Yours, and updated this very site you are browsing through right now; see for yourself.  She does an amazing job with every one of our clients that she works with!

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She Wolf Inc
Lucas Foster
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Virtual Assistant /
Digital Marketer

Lucas is the newest member of our team.  He is here to assist with all things digital, as well as supporting the team here through anything we need!

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