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Erin Malcolm - She Wolf Inc

Erin Malcolm

I am a passionate & tender loving truthteller, and the leader of the She Wolf Pack. I love to help our clients of all ages and stages of life and business to connect to themselves, their passions & their purpose.

I understand that running a business is not just about the mechanics of running the company itself. It involves having a deep understanding of what you want it to grow to be, whom you are required to be to run it, and the support system you will need to have in place to make it happen. It also means having a clear look as to where you are currently at, and what changes need to be made in order for you to feel capable and deserving of getting there.

I built this business from the ground up, so I know what it takes to get you from idea to execution and everything in between, and am excited to guide you along the way!

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Hailey Hynes - She Wolf Inc

Hailey Hynes

Meet Hailey - she is She Wolf Inc's right arm, and takes impeccable care of this company and our clients. She is wiz at building CRM systems, running payroll, HR management, and keeping things organized (and a special gift for keeping me sane too!).


Hailey has a giant heart, an open mind and a deep passion for serving & helping others in any way she can.​ Wildly talented & intelligent - not to mention, she also holds a Degree in Human Resources Management from Trent University.

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Alexandra Colella - She Wolf Inc

Alexandra Colella

I often say that I build the bones, then Alex swoops in and saves the day with her impeccable design. She created everything that is the She Wolf Inc. brand and brought my vision (actually my MANY visions over the last few years) to life. She has worked with many of our clients over the years and always delivers authentic designs, weaving together the visual story of their brands.

She loves to work with our clients to build out complete brand identities and roll out their brands to invigorate their websites, social platforms and any assets necessary to communicate what they have to offer. 

Alex brings high creativity and irreplaceable beauty to the table, along with her Degree in Marketing from Ontario Tech University and her diploma in Graphic Design from Durham College.

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Courtney McCormick She Wolf Inc

Courtney McCormick

Courtney worked closely with our Creative Director, Alex, in her previous role at Durham College, so there was no doubt about bringing her onto the team when the opening presented itself.


Her educational experience started first with a Diploma in Advertising and Marketing Communications, followed by Interactive Media Design - both at Durham College and finished with honours.


She is always happy to serve our clients in any way she can, and brings an incredible amount of creativity to the table. From business cards, to websites, posters and landing pages. Courtney is an essential part of the She Wolf inc team, and we are grateful to have her with us.

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Sarah McCann - She Wolf Inc

Sarah McCann

Sarah is our onboard photographer, videographer and all-round graphics editor extraordinaire!

From brand photography to reels & video recording, to capturing nature shots and background elements, Sarah has proven herself to provide nothing less than excellent quality service for all of the clients she has worked with.

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